Vilhelm's Website

Personal websites have gone out of fashion, I mean this isn't even a blog. I have a tumblr I update once in a blue moon, but I felt some other need for my personal domain, so I've made a static page that I can show people when they ask me who I am.

Me on Kalsoy
Me on Kalsoy


I used to be active on flickr, smugmug, and other similar sites, but there was never any engagement with my photographs, it was just staid photo albums. It may not have any worthwhile archiving or album features, but my photography is now on instagram, and you're more than welcome to check it out, and if you want, reach out 😊.

Small pleasures


I love books, they're my companions wherever I go and whatever I do. Which ones do I love the most? The ones that make me feel the most, whatever that emotion is. My favourite book is tragic, but it sweeps me up in its torrent of emotion. I couldn't possibly make a top five list.




Travelling is dear to me, and if you want to learn a little bit more, I'd suggest going to my dedicated "Travelling" page.